A Review of the Yew Restaurant

The YEW Restaurant is one of the best places to dine in New York City. This restaurant is located on Manhattan’s Upper East Side and is known for its unique cuisine and friendly service. There are different kinds of dishes that you can choose from, and it offers a range of foods that are made to please all kinds of tastes.

You can start by ordering the “Mossy Cobbler”, which is a blend of chicken, potatoes, bacon, and pecans. The main dish has a taste that is creamy and delicious, and you can also try the crab cakes. There are many different types of deserts that you can choose from. Some of them include cinnamon, walnut, banana, blueberry, pecan, chocolate, banana, and Brazil.

The “Fruit and Ginger Soup” and the “Maple Pancake” are two popular desserts at the YEW Restaurant. The fruit and ginger soup is a combination of carrot, celery, and maple syrup, and it is served with apple slices. It also includes fresh ginger, and it is served with your choice of a strawberry or an orange. The maple pancake is topped with cinnamon powder, and it is served with warm maple syrup.

If you do not want to dine, there are many things that you can do in the vicinity of the YEW Restaurant. You can also take a stroll along the East River and take a look at the New York skyline. You can also see the Big Apple from the roof of the restaurant, so you can have a breathtaking view of Manhattan.

The YEW Restaurant is also known to offer some amazing discounts. If you book your reservation well in advance, you can get a special discount that is applied to all dining plans. It is also advisable for you to make a reservation in advance because it will make your dining experience more enjoyable and affordable.

If you want to make a reservation at the YEW Restaurant, you can contact the establishment through their website. However, make sure that you use the contact information provided because some people may be using fake email addresses and other such details to trick you. If this happens, you may end up paying much for your meals.

The YEW Restaurant is located near Times Square and is close to a number of shopping malls. This makes it easy for you to buy any items that you need. You can also eat in the restaurants located inside these malls and enjoy the dining experience while shopping.

You can find the YEW Restaurant at the corner of Madison Avenue and 7th Street. You can also visit it during weekends because most of the dining options are booked during this time of the week.

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