What Is FXD and How Does it Benefit Your Restaurant or Catering Business?

Food Experience Design (FXD) is an integrated, user-centric approach to food design. It is rooted in culinary perfection and considers all dimensions of the food experience from packaging to service, from branding to technology, from marketing to service, from manufacturing to distribution and from distribution to retailing. Its goal is to provide consumers with value and to increase sales while improving the food industry’s overall bottom line. FXD is more than a restaurant design consultancy; it is about design.

FXD is made up of an executive committee comprised of designers, entrepreneurs, restaurant owners and executives who have had extensive experience with food and restaurant design. They are a unique blend of food industry veterans and experienced restaurant owners. The FXD team includes restaurant and hospitality designers, restaurant entrepreneurs, restaurant executive team members and industry analysts. Each member brings a unique perspective to the FXD project.

The FXD team meets with the client on an ongoing basis to determine the scope and complexity of the proposed food experience design project. They work with the client to establish realistic goals and benchmarks and to define a vision that will help achieve these goals.

Their goal is to ensure that clients get their money’s worth in terms of customer satisfaction, which is based on the design of their experience. If there are problems with the design, they seek to rectify them to the client’s satisfaction as well. They also aim to minimize disruption to the existing service and to make sure that the food service is as friendly and enjoyable for all participants as possible. In addition, FXD takes pride in its ability to create and develop concepts that fit into budgets, as well as its ability to create effective menus and menu concepts that reflect the needs of all participants in the food service industry. FXD works with restaurant chains and independently owned restaurants to improve the quality of food service. They also work with private chefs and catering companies to create menus that fit their specific requirements and offer high quality food.

FXD works closely with the hospitality industry to create new products, improve technology, improve services and to integrate new technologies, in an effort to deliver outstanding food experiences for customers. Many of their client projects are seasonal; they use these opportunities to explore new and innovative ideas that enhance the foodservice industry and to its greatest degree.

FXD also strives to create opportunities for interaction between the consumer and the foodservice industry. This includes creating ways for consumers to interact with the foodservice industry by designing and testing new ways of providing feedback. They also participate in trade shows and conferences and networking to create more meaningful relationships with other industries in the food service industry, and they conduct research and development to provide industry knowledge and insight that will help them make a difference in the future of foodservice design and delivery.

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